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Established in 2007 Monasa Advisory & Associates is a Namibian consultancy and advisory firm specialising in four economic and commercial sectors: infrastructure; finance & investments; business process engineering; and research. Monasa is the advisory firm and partner to amongst the largest industry company’s and public sector agencies in Namibia.


Four factors make us unique:

Our Associates have worked at senior levels for internationally renowned consultancy firms, yet we remain organic rooted in the foundation of a growing Namibian brand!

Over the past 10 years we have established and built an extensive and credible network of relationships in both commercial & public sectors and so are familiar with the environment and the inner workings of both sectors!

Our approach to each project is done by: getting inception right (understanding of the client’s need); attention to detail; and solutions driven!

We have worked with and continue to provide solutions to both Namibian and international industry leaders in each of our key service sectors and have established an impeccable track record!


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